YEL Holiday Resort is surounded with a wide-spread beautiful garden in which there is a variety of trees ranging from bogainvilles, lavenders, to palm and jasmine trees.

It has also a large swimming pool with a bridge and a waterslide.There is enough room for everybody around the pool.

The elaborate location of our hotel offers you, our guests, the cool mountain air, a refreshing breeze and a spectacular view overlooking the town. All in harmony with the blue sky above.

A hotel, very easy to reach, just located on the side of the main road, equiped with most necessary facilities.

Come and enjoy peace and tranquility, spend exceptional time here in this beautiful small resort just within the heart of nature, away from the hurly-burly of city life and the burden or boredom of every kind.

*A renovation program is going on,

*All the bathrooms of the hotel are renewed
with new tiles, sinks, shower baths, closets,

*All the balcony doors and windows are new and with swatters now,

*We keep professional staff for 2012 season,

*You can book with Thomas Cook and many online tour operators,

*Get your tickets and book directly with us,

*We can organize airport transfers as well.

*Upon your comments we will provide you with more choices on f&b menu,

*You will also find more daytime & night entertainment here,
*When everything is done you can check the new pictures on this website,

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